UN Declares Antibiotics Resistant A Global Threat

United Nations 71 Session on 16 September 2016 declared by ALL the 193 nation members that ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT SUPER BUGS are threatening Global Public Health.

Antibiotic Resistance by bacteria are caused by:

  1. Indiscriminate uses of antibiotics by humans
  2. Patients’ non-compliance to the right use and completion of the antibiotics therapy
  3. Prolific uses of Antibiotics for Poultry, Animals, Aquaculture and Agriculture in disease control and growth acceleration.

This Antibiotic Resistance Wave had caused undeserving deaths of at least 700,000 in the world per year.

Common infections and minor injuries can kill as antibiotic resistance can no longer kill the bacteria that infect them.

Can we not try to minimize the ingestion of antibiotics?

The need to Switch from Antibiotics to Antiseptic (Disinfectants and Sterilants) therapies is overdue and urgent.


We do not FUMIGATE.

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It does not temporarily mask odor but removes them.

It reduces the ill health effects of Volatile Organic Compounds (VCO) especially the Ubiquitous and Cancer causing FORMALDEHYDE.

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