Whizzkleen Portable Humidifier

Whizzkleen Portable Humidifier HC-3195 / HCF-3195


  • Spray Mist 2 - 5M / 6.5 - 16.5FT
  • 32V External adapter
  • 1.8M Power cord
  • Delicate and light fog
  • 5 times of humidifying efficiency as compared to other humidifiers
  • Innovative patent technology by intelligently identifying dangerous liquid
  • Minimum leakage of water (up to 50ml) if rolled over

Patent intelligently identify dangerous liquid and prevent harmful gases from being inhaled into the lungs. If the user fills in 75% pure alcohol or disinfectant, it will automatically stop spraying or reduce mist amount. Spraying alcohol may cause dust explosions, disinfectant is harmful to human skin.

*This tech cannot identify all dangerous liquid

2 Models 

To Note

  • Dual turbo will work for a while to dry the moisture in the room after the mist is switched off.
  • All residual moisture will not be completely dry. Please manually dry all parts of the device for long time storage.
  • To fill only with clean water.